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Set N' Soak

No Guessing- No Wasted Water
No Wasted Time

Irrigation Solutions For The  Professional Landscaper
DIY Home Owners

Simple to install and simple to use!

Results That Have A Real Impact

  1. Save Time
  2. Save Water
  3. Save Money
  4. Protect Your Landscape Investment

The Problem

Current irrigation drip systems are old and antiquated.  Other than the addition of electronic control there hasn't been a true innovation to the water delivery architecture in years.  

Today's drip systems were developed in the early 20th century without many updates in the passing years.  These systems still rely on puncturing feed lines with plastic barbed emitters or pressure fit emitters, splitters and end caps.  The systems are not easily modified once they are installed and tend to leak when they are reused. 

These systems are very susceptible to over or under watering since they can not be calibrated with any true accuracy.  This leads to water waste and plant or tree death. This really impacts the return on the landscape investment.

Revolutionary Design But Simple To Use

Enter Set N' Soak

Set N' Soak will take all the guess work out of watering trees, gardens and flower beds.  It will save water and keep plant and tree investments safe by not over or under watering your vegetation.

Our Vision:
Because we have seen the struggles had and the compromises made to provide the right amount of water to landscaping and other multi-plant/tree settings, usually with suboptimal water delivery and water use, we are committed to a world where it is simple and easy to ensure all irrigated trees and plants get the optimal amount of water without wasting this ever more precious resource.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make it simple and easy to get the optimal amount of water to irrigated trees and plants, so they all thrive, while conserving water.


Our Set N' Soak product line makes it simple and easy for landscape professionals or Do It Yourselfers to install or retrofit drip irrigation systems that get the right amount of water to each and every plant or tree on the line, so that the plants thrive and water use is minimized.

Our product architecture enables this in a manual fashion, yet is easily expandable to a fully electronically controlled system enabling SMART irrigation systems.

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